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Firefox is my and many others web browser of choice. I've posted an article on the top 10 reasons for switching away from Internet Explorer (IE) and to Firefox. Most of the functionality in IE 7 (the latest version) is an emulation of Firefox's features. As a Mac user I even prefer Firefox over Safari. Read the article here.


Online searching is going mobile

It's called HouseFront. The concept is simple. You text any residential address to HOUSE (46873). Within a few moments, it will return information on the square footage, price, beds/baths, area trends, when it was built, owner and the price of the home when it was last sold. Just text any residential address to HOUSE (46873). Or you can check them out on the web at

MobileAccord's solutions for political campaigns, universities, nonprofits, forprofits, radio stations and faith-based organizations. It's pretty impressive, and is also text message based. Find it at



Web 2.0?

You may seen this thrown around now and again. There are lots of definitions for it, and a lot of buzz some merited some not. As I see it the key defining attribute of web 2.0 is 'user generated content.' Youtube and Myspace are perfect examples of this, where developers create the context and infrastructure and site visitors create the content. While is it is context and infrastructure that make the site work, it is content that keep people coming back again and again. Simple isn't it?


Did you know?

If you are using a gel keyboard wrist support you can put it in the freezer for 2 hours and it will keep your carpally challenged wrists cool all day. That's cool!


Save Internet Radio

I received an email from my colleague Tim Westergren at (bandwidth provide by Level3). There seems to be concern over increased royalties for internet radio sites. Apparently royalties for internet radio station are going to quadruple! (but not for sattelite or traditional radio stations). I you want to help fight this legislation, visit this link. If you have not yet checked out check it out to learn more about the musical genome project.



Three great new tools

Over the past week I've discovered 3 amazing new tools.

The first gives you VoIP functionality. Callwave offers a free service where you can see all of your voice mails throug their website and listen, delete, save, and even reply all through an easy to use web interface. The only thing this tool does not do is convert your voicemail to text. I'm sure this feature will be coming soon. Check it out!

The next tool is called Zamzar (submitted by Sara Garland). This is a free online file conversion tool. Simply provide an email address, upload your file, chose what format you want it converted to. . .and within an hour you will receive a link to download you converted file. This tool will make PDFs, convert .mov to .mpg, and it may even make you coffee if you ask nicely. Check it out!

The last tool is kind of the inverse of the first tool. Jott let's you use your cell phone as an speech recognized email gateway. Once you get an account setup you can load all your contacts and start sending email via your cellphone using speech recognition. Simply call the toll free number, speak the name of your contact, dictate your message, and send it off. Jott automatically (and with surprising accuracy) converts your speech to text so it can be read by the recipient. Check it out!


Welcome to the SRG Info Tech Blog

This is a first in what will become a long history of posting valuable technology related info, news, tips, cool tricks, thoughts and anything else that will support the SRG employee in today's rich media workplace. I'll also use this as a repository for current training manuals and any other SRG related training guides. Enjoy!