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Duh - The iPhone at two months: It's all about the interface

It took this author 2 months to figure this out. Yes it's all about he interface.



This could be the perfect photoshop plugin...

It's called content aware image resizing. Check it out here.


gPhone September 3rd?

The secret hype for the gPhone is heating up. Chatter in the blogosphere is akin the chatter on the terrorist networks, and there seems to be lots of chatter. This article sums up what all the noise is about.


22 Essential Mac Utilities

I read this article today and thought some of the mac users in the house would find it useful. We use some of these tools here at SRG. (disk warrior, tech tools, cocktail)



100 Greatest Music Sites. . .

Forwarded from a friend. Thought some of you may find this interesting. Enjoy this article.


Digital Whiteboarding

We had our first live run with eBeam Digital Whiteboard System. We used it for an Arrow Worskshop in-house today. The preliminary results are in and the feedback from the troops is glowing. The system works seamlessly. There is an eBeam receiver that is connected to a laptop and mounted on any size whiteboard. The facilitator writes notes on the whiteboard and they are captured in real time on the laptop. When a page of notes is finished, one click saves the file, and another click converts it to a PDF where it is automatically saved to a share on the network. From that point typists are eagerly checking the shared folder for new PDFs to appear so they can begin entering the data. So far this seems to be working pretty well. The only missing feature is hand-writing to text conversion. This is expected in a future software release. For now we also have an add-on for the system that allows you to integrate a projector so you can mark up projected documents (word, excel, powerpoint, etc. . ) in real time on the whiteboard. No more notepads or wasted paper, no more running the paper to typists, and eventually no more typists. (sorry typists)

A big thanks goes out to Carol F and Kent N for helping develop a vision for the application of this very cool technology.