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Leopard After a Day

I just upgraded to the newest mac os, Leopard, yesterday. So far so good. The only new features I have used are stacks and quicklook. These are both very cool features and work as advertised. I have not noticed any glaring bugs yet, but all of my printers were deleted after the upgrade. Also, Yahoo chat no longer worked, but luckily Yahoo just released a Leopard compatible upgrade with lots of new features. This brings more parity between the popular chat client on both the Windows and Mac platforms. It also seems to play even nicer with a Windows network. I have not done much digging with this, but it seems like they are getting closer to Windows-like single sign on when you have the AD plugin installed.



Entourage 2008 sneak peak

Think Secret has a pretty critical review of the new version of Entourage 2008. It should be coming out in January of 2008.

My favorite part of the article is near the end, when they mention a rumor of a Mac version of MS Project. Rejoice!



This is why the nerds will take over the universe.

Most of us are just happy playing video games on the Nintendo Wii. But not the nerds.


Brands are Now People Too, on Facebook

Facebook recently announced a major new advertising initiative. Many brands now have their very own Facebook page. You can finally identify Coca-Cola as a close personal friend!
TechCrunch has a summary of the initiative.