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Welcome Back iMac

Once upon a time, when the iMac was first released, we had several floating around the office. They were great machines, by no means powerful, but fun, colorful, and a far cry from all the beige plastic that dominated desktop computing at the time. Once I tried unsuccessfully to convert one of them into a macquarium.
Fast forward 12 years and It's a brand new day for the iMac. Packed with Intel's latest i7 quad-core processor, up to 16gb of RAM, crystal clear Cinema Display, and an ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics processor, this is not your mother's iMac. This is a workhorse capable of handling resource intensive tasks.
We're wrapping up the budget for 2009. Our design studio is in need of a technical refresh. We've gotten a great life out of our current fleet of dual-core g5s and early Intel based MacPros, but it's time to go our separate ways. We need high end displays and raw processing power. MacPros are powerful and flexible, but pricey and there are no displays, and no i7 quad-core processors(yet).
After reading an article in a recent MacWorld that reviewed the performance of the i7 iMac against the octo-core MacPro, I was sold. The plan is to upgrade our design studio with the latest and greatest in a long line of game changing iMacs. I'll let you know how it goes.



Droid Campaign Helps Boost Android Demand 250%

Android phones have been out well over a year now and there really hasn't been much excitement over them until Verizon's campaign for the Motorola Droid came out in October. Up until recently, most consumers really felt they only had two choices in a smartphone, BlackBerry or iPhone, but that is changing. While the BlackBerry and iPhone still clearly dominate the market (and probably will for a very long time), Android is gaining ground as demand is up 250%. In the next year, we will be seeing many more Android powered phones.

A small shout out to Windows Mobile, as they also gained some ground in December as well... according to reports, Windows Mobile web usage was up 50% for the first time in a long time. That means web usage went from .04% to .06%. I know, I know... laugh all you want! A gain is a gain :)


Windows 7 God Mode

A new secret Windows 7 feature made it's way into the wild today. Enabling God Mode in Windows 7 allows the user to re-create the universe at the click of a button. Ok, not really, but it does give you one location to control all of Windows 7 features. Kind of snazzy for a geek like me. I wonder if this feature works for atheists. Read More.