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Next Gen Smart Phones

I came across an article today that outlines the latest and greatest in Smart Phones. The image below was extremely telling. What I also found telling is the absence of any Windows Mobile or Blackberry devices. However, this is just one man's opinion.



Which Continent is Fastest?

This article in The New York Times states that Europe holds the title for the continent with the fastest broadband speeds. In an effort to keep things honest I checked this information against's World Results Page. According to, Europe only holds the download title, the upload title belonging to Asia. Luckily for us, North America is not far behind either continent.


Alerts for Free iPhone Apps

I just read a great story on about a website that will tell you what apps are free for the iPhone at the currnet time. Many apps that cost money will go free for a short period of time for promotional purposes and the below website will let you know!

The alert website is:

There you can sign up to be alerted via twitter, facebook, rss feed, or just an e-mail if you'd prefer. The site also tells you how much the application previously was, for bragging rights or to just know how killer of a deal free can be.