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Server Room Upgrade - Success

We have upgraded our server room configuration with the inclusion of a nice rack for all of our newer servers. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.



Outlook Coming to Mac in 2010

Microsoft has decided to finally beef up their Mac software support with the shocking news that they will be bringing Outlook to Mac's in 2010. Although visually they will still be only visually similar, MS promises they it will have a much more Exchange compatibility.

Any Entourage users will agree that it's needed an overhaul for quite sometime! It's not even possible to view who has accepted a meeting except for the meeting organizer and you. Coming from a company that uses both Mac and PC, I am hoping that they fix the signature disparity on the Mac (Outlook on PC uses Rich text for signatures as default, Entourage for the Mac can't even do rich text meaning signatures look quite a bit different on either platform).

Check out the full article, here.

Bravo MS, it took you long enough... now get back to work!



Are URL Shorteners Secure?

With the explosion of microblogging through services like Twitter and Facebook Status Updates, there has also been an explosion in the use of URL shorteners like,, and As with the growth of anything on the internet, there is a parallel growth of security threats. The one thing that bugs me out about URL shorteners is that you never know what lies beyond the cute little shortened URL. It's a perfect platform for the delivery of malicious links to unsuspecting victims, and I'm surprised there have not been more security issues with short URLs. In the meantime, you can use a great tool like before you click that link.