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Nintendo Game Boy Celebrates 20th B-day

Whether you're a gamer yourself, or a parent of someone who plays games, chances are you've heard of the Nintendo Game Boy. If you aren't a gamer yourself, you probably have even mistakenly yelled at your kid to "turn off that Game Boy" or "turn off that Nintendo" and didn't care enough to find out that they were really playing a PlayStation or an Xbox... Who cares?! They should have been setting the dinner table half an hour ago and you got sick of hearing their excuses! "I just need to get to a save point!" or "One more minute!!!!"

Ahhh, those words slip off my tongue like it was only yesterday... Sorry again Mom.

In any case, Nintendo (specifically the Game Boy) really revolutionized handheld technology. Sure it's graphics weren't top notch, nor was the sound, but it gave people a glimpse into the future. It was a tiny handheld device that could play hundreds of games, even with other people with the right connection cord.

Now handheld devices are color, widescreen, wifi capable for multiplayer, can browse the internet, get mail, output high quality music and so much more. You can't help but to think Nintendo had a huge effect on todays devices.

Here is the original Game Boy commericial:

"Comes with the outrageous new game Tetris!"