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Celebrate Your Privacy!

Janurary 28, 2009 was an important day in cyberspace. This was the international Data Privacy Day. Your data is important, as is your privacy. Learn how to be smart, and protect both, at this website from Intel.


Kiss Your Silver Snail Goodbye!

You get into the office, power on your computer, and walk away to grab some coffee. You stop by to talk to Sandy a bit, go back to your desk, and yep, it's still booting up. "Loading personal settings" -- sheesh how many settings do you really have on that thing?! - You walk away again, do some laps around the fourth floor, work up a bit of a sweat and grab a drink. Maybe your computer is booted up now? You stop by to check on it again, this time you see a blank blue screen - it must have a few more minutes to go, so you swing by the third floor to see if anyone is in to chat with (they are a very friendly and lively bunch that are always great to talk to!). After about 5 minutes of chatting you come back to your desk to see your computer finally booted up to the desktop. Hurray! Time to open up Word and get some work done! Oh dear, word is not opening - time for a few more laps.

Does this sound like your daily routine? Do you loathe even turning on your Silver Snail because you know you won't be able to even open a web-browser without having to wait a good 5 min?

Well, we here in IT have heard your cries (as has our budget). Kiss your Silver Snail goodbye!

In the next week we will be rolling out these bad new beasts to 25 lucky (or previously unlucky?) folks! Three have already been rolled out and the initial response has been well received.

We beg of you, please stop hugging us, kissing us and telling us we are your saviors... We are just in IT, it's our job! We would love to give everyone one of these new beasts, but not everyone has had to suffer as badly. Remember everyone, good things come to those that suffer! Err, I mean good things come to those that wait! :)



Hack Hits the Road - Beware of Zombies

This article has little to do with technology, although it does involve the hacking of an electronic street sign. This is a pretty funny hack if you ask me. Read more.



Receive News on Your Home Computer. . .in 1981

Wow, pretty telling news piece from 1981 on people using primitive dialup to download the news.