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Thirteen Greatest Error Messages of All Time

This is a really amusing list that may make some of you cringe with flashbacks of your computer crashing, but for the most part you will probably laugh at how silly some of these error messages are!

My favorite is 8, "lp0 on fire". This was an error that big high-speed printers would get when they stopped working for any reason. It didn't know what the problem was, so it simply told users that the printer was on fire! Hahah! Imagine yourself printing some last minute documents for a client coming into the office and you received the message that the printer was on fire! LOL Oh man... now those would be good times.

You can read the rest of these hilarious and somewhat horrific* error messages here:

*I am not responsible for stress caused by flashbacks if you happen to have any! ;)



Cha-Cha Free Answers to your Questions via Text Message

I recently discovered a really cool free (normal text rates apply) service called ChaCha. ChaCha is a service that will answer questions via text message. Simply send your question to 242242 and you will get a reply within 5 minutes or so. For example I recently texted the question "Which US President had the most vetoes?" Within about 5 minutes I was texted back "Franklin D Roosevelt." Check it out!



11 ways Android will kick the iPhone's ass

So Android has arrived with the announcement of the T-Mobile G1. The HTC-manufactured phone certainly has a few nice touches, despite its lack of multi-touch (and with T-Mobile's particular variant, no accelerometer).

But while this particular handset might not be the technology king to beat the iPhone, the potential's there. And the OS looks super-hot. Here's why Android can make its presence felt and could really threaten the iPhone.



Adobe CS4 Releases in October

According to this site, Adobe's CS4 is being released next month and looks to have quite a few new features.

Here are some of the features you all may be interested in, pulled from that site:

Photoshop CS4

  • GPU-based drawing of documents onscreen
  • 64-bit for Windows
  • Expanded 3-D paint, lighting and rendering tools

Illustrator CS4

  • Multipage documents with different sizes
  • Indesign-style separations preview
  • Many updated tools like gradient and blob brush

Indesign CS4

  • Live Preflighting
  • Easy Flash document creation
  • Smart guides and spacing tools
You can check out a full list of features at Adobe's site:

Anyone currently using Adobe's Creative Suite looking forward to CS4? Any features in particular? Does it look like a worthy upgrade? Give us your thoughts by leaving a comment!


Facebook Phishing Attack

From this website:

An trojan-laden phish disguised as a message from the popular social networking website Facebook is making the rounds.

In an alert Monday, web security company Websense said that the email appeared to be sent by the domain with a subject line that reads "An old friend added you as a friend of facebook." The email contains an attachment called "" that is actually a trojan.

The body of the email contained a view of Facebook's login page with a notification that says an old classmate has requested to be your friend and, "To see her picture please check your attachment." is an official domain that Facebook commonly uses to notify its users of friend requests and events, the Websense alert said. It is unclear how the attackers spoofed the address.