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Gmail and Google Apps

We're in the early phases of giving consideration to migrating to Gmail and Google Apps in 2008. With a new version of Outlook and Exchange (our email server), a new version of the Microsoft OS (Vista), and Mac OS (Leopard), there is not better time to consider such a huge switch. I've already setup my account to integrate with gmail. So far so good. We'll have to give serious consideration to all of the functionality we get out Outlook and Exchange. . .Calendars, Public Folders, Global Contacts, etc. . .and how they would all play out under the Google Scheme. I found a great article about a user who has made the switch. His uses are limited but it give you a solid sense of the potential to come. Read More.


15 Coolest Firefox Tricks Ever!

For those dedicated Firefox users out there, here is a list of 15 Tricks to start pimpn' your Firefox with.


Add Outlook to your Google homepage.

Outlook integration with "iGoogle" Google’s personalized portal formerly known as Google Homepage, Click here to read more on it.



May 8th 2007 Was Grateful Dead Day

. . .In Ithaca New York. It is also the 30th anniversary of The Grateful Dead's legendary performance in Ithaca at Cornell's Barton Hall.

What does this have to do with technology? NOTHING. However, I am posting a link to The Grateful Dead's website where you can download 100% legal recordings from The Dead's storied vault. This is a part of their 'This week in Grateful Dead history' section. This blog posting is dedicated to Peter Heppner who is a talented web designer, dead head, and all around great guy.



Build Online Presentations in Flash

I stumbled upon an incredibly cool web based tool today. is a free online tool for building flash based presentations for online viewing. Think of it as PowerPoint for the web. I have no sense of it's overall value, but you should check it out.


Yahoo Photos R.I.P.

In a move to trim the fat, Yahoo is doing away with their photo storage site in June and pushing their users to Flickr, which is the YouTube of the photo storage/sharing world. The service has lost significant market share over the past few years to sites like Flickr, which are more representative of Web 2.0 technologies. Yahoo is also getting rid of their auction site. Read more about it.


Search the Universe with Google

If you thought Google Earth was cool, imagine applying that concept to the known universe. That is the vision of a team of astronomers and Google Developers. They hope to have 30TB of astronomical imagery compiled and searchable in a flyover format much like Google Earth. If you have not tried Google earth yet, I highly recommend it. Google Universe (my name not theirs) is slated for sometime in the next 10 years. Read more about it.



10 tips for using IM in the workplace

I'm hoping to roll out some type of instant messaging client before the end of 2007, and am beginning to research the possibilities. I came across a really good list of guidelines for IM use in the corporate setting. Read More.


Great way to discover new content on the web

I discovered this site today upon a friend's recommendation. IT is a great way to discover new content on the web as suggested by other people. Check it out.



YouTube Under Fire! (Again)

When I'm watching video of Eddie Van Halen playing Eruption from some concert in 1979, I often wonder "Where are the attorneys?" YouTube is full of copyrighted video that would make an IP attorney drool. There have been cases on and off for the last year or so, but now it seems things are heating up again. Even a 1.65 billion dollar buyout by Google can't keep the lawyers away. Read More.