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Our Latest Launch - Waterpik Sinus Health - Sinusense

A few months back we launched a microsite to build awareness for Waterpik's new line of sinus health products, also known as Sinusense. Since then we have rolled the contents of the microsite into a more content rich format that now lives at Check it out!



iPhone Enterprise Dev Program Gets a Little Looser

Recently Apple was in the news (amongst a million other reasons) for loosening restrictions on iPhone developers. It mostly focused on allowing developers to use third party tools to compile code prior to building the application. This had been the case originally, then Apple stated that you could only use the iPhone SDK (software development kit), then recently retracted that.
A while back we had applied to join the iPhone Enterprise Developer Program. We wanted to be able to develop apps that we could distribute internally without having to go through the App Store. We were rejected because one of the criteria was company size. You needed to have 500 employees to be eligible, and we are a few years (at least) away from that. Today I got a call from Apple letting me know that the restriction based on number of employees has been lifted. Enterprise Developer Program, here we come!