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Post Palm Pre Launch Update

It's been a little over a month since the Palm Pre launched on Sprint's Now Network, but how has it been doing? Well, considering that in June alone it sold over 300,000 units and 70,000 units in the last week or so of May, things are looking pretty good for both Palm and Sprint.

Now if we toss out this little tidbit, it gets kind of exciting - the last Palm phone sold only 350,00o-ish phones in its first fiscal quarter. So actually, the Palm Pre is really kicking butt! Nicely done Palm, nicely done. It may not be much compared to the zillion or so iPhones sold, but I do think Apple is a little uneasy about the success of the Pre launch. In the end it's great for all of us, the consumers.



Spam Trends

As an IT professional, email security, especially spam protection, is one of my biggest bugaboos. As a matter of fact, it is nothing short of a major pain in the ass for administrators and end users alike. Spam protection is very much a cat and mouse game. You optimize you mail server, it reduces spam levels, and a few months later you are getting more spam then before the optimization. In this recent report from Google mail and threat filtering service Postini, my assessment is confirmed. Read more.



Firefox 3.5 Released!

The next big update from FireFox is officially out. They claim it's significantly faster than previous Firefox versions. There are a few other new features, check them out here.

You can download Firefox 3.5 here.


Microsoft Bing - 1 Month Later

Last month Microsoft released their latest search product, Bing. Bing is an example of semantic search, meaning you can ask a question, it understands the question (as opposed to matching search terms), and in turn delivers far more relevant search results. I'm noticing it coming up in the top 5 organic traffic sources on almost every web site we are managing. For a search engine that is a month old that is pretty impressive. What does this mean to us as advertisers? We should consider this as an option in our traffic campaigns for both organic and paid search. Because the search results are so much more relevant the subsequent click has that much more value. Check it out.



iPhone 3GS is Hot

Remember when the MacBook first came out and it had serious heating issues? It's happening all over again, this time with the iPhone 3GS. I started to notice it this weekend when using the map and compass for an extended period of time on a long drive. The screen started to feel really warm. At first I thought it was from the device sitting in sunlight, but this was in my climate controlled car. This morning I found this article on Can someone say recall?


Google Thought Jackson Search Was An Attack

Whoops! Google thought that all of the Michael Jackson searches on Thursday were a large-scale coordinated attack on their servers. Starting around 2 P.M. seaches began to flood Google's servers for 'Michael Jackson' as news spread that he was being taken to the hospital. On Thursday Google's servers were down for about 25 minutes for some users.

Didn't we hear about Google going down a few months back? Maybe it's time they upgrade some of their servers!!