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Blast from the past

Computerworld has dug up some of the best ads from the past 40 years of computing. With fantastic headlines like "80 Mbytes of storage for less than $12,000!" and "What exactly is Electronic Mail?" you can't help but chuckle. Take a look.


Social Networking -

With all the buzz around web 2.0 and social networking, it seems that this will be the buzz at least for another 6 months before web 3.0 comes along and another round of web barons are created. So, for the time being there is a great site focused on all that happens in the social networking space. Check it out.



Good Insights on Branding, Marketing, and Design

Apparently Josh Spear is making a name for himself. A good friend who is an internet cavalier in the web 2.0 space has used him as a consultant with good results/insights. He may be someone SRG could use from time to time if our clients don't use him first. Learn more.



The Intro of the iPod

As we near the release of the iPhone, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at the introduction of the iPod. It is amazing how much has happened in 6 years. Take a look at the humble beginnings of iPod to get a sense of how far the device and more importantly Apple, Inc. has come.