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How is it that nobody in the office has this iPhone app yet?



Tim Taylor Grunting

The projector in The Boulder Conference Room is dying a slow and painful death. Rather than get a spiffy new projector Joan suggested we get a giant LCD, so we ordered a Sharp LC-65D64U. With a whopping 65" screen, that's bigger than Susan Peck. We hope to have this upgraded in the next 2 weeks.



The I.T. Crowd

I recently discovered a brilliant British sitcom called The I.T. Crowd. . .it's about the I.T. department at a corporation. The show is very funny and really hits home for obvious reasons. Here is a telling scene from the first season of the show.


Internet Explorer 8 Released Today

Today Microsoft released their final version of Internet Explorer 8. It's filled with was great improvements and new features. This article explains how in some cases it's even better than Firefox.

They mention that for actual browsing, Internet Explorer 8 "leapfrogs" over Firefox. It's faster and has some nice features such as the Accelerators. What is an Accelerator you ask? Well, check out this video for an overview:

Excited yet? Well, on top of all that jazz, it also has better security, increased performance (speed), and it continues the trend MS has been on lately (not forcing MS crapola down your throat), allowing you to choose your own search engine (Google search default for me).

It's running silky smooth on my machine!

Learn more about Internet Explorer 8 and even download it if you are interested, here.



Windows 7 Lets You Turn Off Apps!

Microsoft is really batting for a homerun with Windows 7. Along with its increased performance and features comes something that many have wished and hoped for year after year - control over the major components of Windows like Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, etc.

Microsoft has heard its customer's calls (or are sick and tired of all the EU lawsuits against it for forcing Internet Explorer down people's throats) and in Windows 7 will include the ability to turn on/off most Windows features and set others as defaults.

You say you like Firefox? Great! Get rid of Internet Explorer and make Firefox the only browser on your system! Maybe you hate Windows Media Player and prefer something like Winamp... Winamp, Winamp, Winamp, it really whips the lama's... (Winamp fans will know the rest heh).

In any case, this is a huge addition to Windows that I greatly look forward too. I am the type of person that knows exactly what I will be doing with my system and what I won't need, so being able to free up resources (every little bit counts!) is a welcomed feature.

You can read up more on the feature here.



iPhone OS 3.0 Announced

Looks like the rumors were true - the iPhone will finally be getting copy/paste! A few other cool features include MMS, and a new home screen with Spotlight Search.

Check out the full list of new features here.

The 3.0 OS update is due out this summer and will be free for iPhone users and $9.95 for iTouch users. Some features will not be available for first-gen iPhones due to hardware limitations.



Copy/Paste May Finally Come to the iPhone

That's right! Rumor has it that the 3.0 OS upgrade on the iPhone will finally include copy/paste. If you didn't know, one of the main complaints of the iPhone from business folk is that there isn't a copy/paste function, which many business-minded people use daily. If the rumor is true, the iPhone will start selling even better in the business world!

You can read up on it here.