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Spy-Ware Removal Tools

One of the most common questions I'm asked about are how to remove spy ware, malware, viruses, bots, trojans, and other ugly internet illnesses. Like many things in technology, there are several decent solutions, but no magic bullet. Below are a list of links to a few free tools that are highly recommended.

Trend Micro House Call
- This is a web based product that I've used a few times, and serves as an effective first line of defense wehn trying to clean up your computer.

Ad-Aware from Lavasoft - This is a free tool requiring installation. I've used this several times with (as Borat says) GREAT SUCCESS!

SpyBot Search & Destroy
- This is the most effective tool I've come across, but it is far more sophisticated, and not as user friendly. This is a great failover if nothing else works.

Keep in mind that the above suggestions are reactive solutions not proactive. This means that you run them if you think you have a problem. However, there are a lot of solutions than can be run actively meaning they are constantly scanning your machine for issues, above and beyond your typical virus scanner. This will always cost you system performance. At the end of the day it is your best bet to become a vigilant citizen of the internet, and be mindful of the sites you visit and the links you click on.



Google Earth in Your Browser

Everyone knows and loves Google Maps, the 2d web integrated mapping app, and all of it's associated applications. Everyone also knows and loves Google Earth, the 3d desktop application that until now was not easily integrated into other apps. All that has changed with Google's announcement of the Google Earth Browser Plugin. We'll see some amazing stuff come out of this. Check out the video overview:



Budget Macs

Psystar is a company from my old stomping grounds in South Florida. They are making Intel based Mac compatible systems built from the ground up using parts that are tested to run the Mac OS efficiently. When you order the system, you get to choose which OS you want installed. . .Mac, Linux, or even Windows. As I understand it, Apple is not very happy about this. Check it out.