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Goodbye Oink

Early Tuesday morning in a London flat, a young IT professional was arrested for running Oink, one of the most popular file sharing sites utilizing bit torrent technology. The site was focused primarily on music downloads and was known as a good place to find pre-release recordings. This is a sure fire way to piss off the sinking ship that is the music industry. Interestingly, the guy responsible for this site has been released on bail and no charges have been pressed as the investigation continues.



Google's sustainability initiative

When it comes to sustainability, some companies could care less, while others, set the bar pretty high.

Google is setting the bar a few thousand feet in the air.

It's called Makani Power, and the big G is making a huge investment in making it work. Basically, its hundreds of kites with little turbines attached that permanently hang out in the jet stream where the air passes by at hundreds of miles per hour.

Yes, really.

It's an amazing technology that I had no idea existed until now. You can read more about it over at I, Cringley, but be warned: the author's a little long-winded.