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New Samsung Android Phone Available Soon on All Carriers

Samsung is releasing their Galaxy S phone in the US soon on all major carriers. This will be one of the first Android phones available on all carriers, even international carriers. There are many things that make this phone the "next big thing" spec-wise, but this article is about it's insane battery life.

A Geek Blog got their hands on the GSM version of the Galaxy S and ran some battery tests. Here are their results:

Here is what we did with it over the 84 hours from its full charge to its battery going flat.
  • 90 minutes video playback
  • 2 hours music playback
  • 40 minutes voice calls
  • 30 minutes navigation
  • 30 minutes general usage
  • 10 minutes browsing
  • 10 minutes shooting photo and video
I challenge you to test your phone with the above tasks and see how many days it lasts! ;) An incredible feat for the worlds most powerful smartphone... best of all? This sweet thing is going to be available on all major carriers - AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. The Sprint version will be the only one with a full hardware keyboard that slides out. No word yet on whether they will be getting a non-hardware keyboard version yet.

Because of the popularity of the phone, it will also have a giant modding community following it. Mmmhmm. Hitting some carriers as early as mid July, keep an eye out!

Image from Engadget.