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Europe Day 1 - Munich

Greetings from the Hofbrauhaus.


The High-Definition format war is over

It's all over but the cryin'. If you've been following the battle between Sony's Blu-Ray and Toshiba's HD-DVD as the fight to replace the DVD as the universal standard, you know it's been a long fight (and a rematch of VHS vs. Betamax). 

Over the past several weeks, Toshiba has been dealt some significant blows; First, Warner Bros. jumped into the Blu-Ray camp, leaving only one major studio with HD-DVD (Universal). Then, video giant Netflix announced that they would stop carrying HD-DVD (Blockbuster did the same thing last June). That same day, Best Buy announced that they would begin training their employees to recommend Blu-Ray. Yesterday, rumors began to surface that Toshiba is getting out of the business of making HD-DVD players. 

But the final blow comes this morning, when WalMart, owner of the free world, and ruler of all kings, announced that they are dropping the HD-DVD format.

If you own an HD-DVD player, congratulations: you now own a collectable. 



When awesome meets amazing

While I'm a remarkable cynic, apparently, I can still be impressed. First, there were the Voyager probes - the little spaceships that could. Launched in 1977, they have now left our solar system. More recently, I was under the firm belief that mixing the two greatest things on earth (Star Wars and Legos) into a video game was the pinnacle of mankind's abilities.

Now I see that mankind is capable of far, far greater things. I present to you the Wii/Nerf gun. That's right, a Nerf gun that also works as a gun for your Nintendo Wii. I have no clue what this thing will actually be good for, and frankly, I don't care. My little brain simply can't understand such greatness.

Oh, and they're releasing an Indiana Jones/Lego game later this year.


How fast?


Comcast internet is fast!*

*No it's not.

Think your internet is running a little sluggish lately? It may be that Comcast is limiting the speed of your connection - especially if you use the inter-tubes for music or videos. Now that's Comcastic!



Finally it looks like you iPhone-ers will have Flash support. About time, I was beginning to think Apple was a bunch of flash haters.
Flash the iphone here.