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New Security Threat - Vishing

By this point most people are familiar with the term phishing, or fraud committed via email trickery. While telephone fraud is common place and a lot older than phishing, it has taken a modern form. Scammers are now using VoIP and common telemarketing technology to commit fairly sophisticated telephone fraud. This technique is known as vishing. This article has one person's first hand account of a vishing scam.


Comcast To Double Speeds by End of 2009!

It's rare that I have the opportunity to post something good about Comcast, so I could not pass this opportunity up!

Comcast is expecting to have 65% of its subscribers on a new system which will double internet speeds according to this article. This is great news! More and more people are watching movies on the internet with services like Netflix's streaming one and downloading their favorite songs, etc. Boosting internet speed means a much smooth experience and even possibly higher quality video streams.

Not to mention faster downloads in general! Comcast has stated that their 250GB limits will still be in place after the upgrade as fewer than 1% of thier customers are affected by the cap.