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I'm glad to say this isn't the case @ SRG

I cam across this story this morning that points to IT as being a key barrier in the corporate adoption of web 2.0 technologies.



Funniest Spam Subject Ever. . .

I got this spam today and it was to ridiculous not to pass on:

"Whoopi Goldberg defends Vick's dog-fighting role"

And of course in a classic case of relevance, they were trying to sell me stock. I bought 100 shares.


More Insights on the gPhone

With all the talk about the $200 cheaper iPhone, and the iPod Touch, and the 160gb iPod Classic, let's not lose sight of another watershed release about to come out. . .the gPhone (or so it is being called). Business week posted this article shedding a little bit more light on the situation.



Vista = Lame

In the latest edition of "Stating the Obvious" I've come to the conclusion that there are absolutely no compelling reasons for SRG to migrate to Windows Vista any time soon. I've been running Vista via virtual session on my Mac for a few months now. There is so much glitchiness, so much overhead, so few exciting new features, that finding justification for a migration is next to impossible given the cost and effort to make it happen. I've removed Vista from my Mac and will happily run Windows XP via virtual session for the foreseeable future.



Excuse the delay. . .

The power outage took a bit out of our infrastructure today. It wasn't anything that was not completely recoverable but it did take Silent Partner down for about 4 hours and limited our mac network connectivity for about 4 hours. Everything seems to be back up and running.

In the meantime we have a few experiments forthcoming. . . will be facing off against in a social networking site showdown. Buddy will be making the switch to the Apple Macintosh OSX Platform. . .that should be a fun one. Stay tuned. . .