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Facebook Keeps Your Deleted Photos Accessible for Years

Remember that picture you thought would be hilarious, so you uploaded it to Facebook, then later realized how incredibly embarrassing it was so you removed it? Well, it's still accessible if someone copied the URL of the photo, even if it was deleted years ago.

Ars Technica recently posted an article about how bad Facebook is about actually removing photos that have been deleted from their servers. Their example was a photo posted 16 months ago and was still accessible by the address of the photo. Of course once they pointed this out Facebook quickly deleted it. One user commented about a photo of his child that was posted 2.5 years ago that he deleted and it is still accessible. Deleted 2.5 years ago and it's still accessible? Wow... it's hard to say how long the photos will stay on their servers!

Always be careful what you post online. I believe it was the CEO from Google that said once you upload something to the internet, its forever.