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Getting technology from an advanced alien civilization

I've been looking at SRGmail as a viable alternative to our current messaging infrastructure for the past year or so. One of the first stories I read was about Arizona State University adopting it for their 65,000 students and faculty. The Technology Officer at ASU goes on record making and incredibly compelling argument for the adoption of the Google platform.

My favorite quote is "It's no exaggeration to say that switching to the Google Platform has been like getting technology from an advanced alien civilization."



Google Image Labeler - The Game

Google is now enticing it's users to help develop their image labeling infrastructure and intelligence. You can compete against other random users to race against the clock while you provide labels for images. Not sure what happens if players intentionally give erroneous labels for images. In any case, check it out.


Mosso - Our Web Hosting Platform

Like Google and 37signals, Mosso keeps upgrading improving their platform. There have been several small upgrades since we started using them. They are now poised to launch an even more scalable platform for large enterprise apps. They will be hosting a webinar to outline new features and allow customers to provide feedback. To add the event to your calendar click this link.



New Features for Google Enterprise Application Suite

As I've mentioned before, we are taking a long hard look at Google Enterprise Application offering as an alternative to The Micro$oft monopoly. As with everything else Google does, they are constantly updating and upgrading their apps. Here is the latest slew of improvements from Google: