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Rumors are swirling that Google has a phone coming out next year. The details are pretty fascinating. Read More.


The Amazing Must-Have iPhone Tool!

Check it out!



Be Careful Where you Roam with your iPhone

Here is a good story about an iPhone users who took a trip to Europe and was greeted with and $3000 data usage bill when he returned. Read his story.



A Little Bit of Nerd Humor. . .

This will be lost on most, but I thought this was an appropriate forum to share a little geek humor. This is a simplified visual representation of a storage technology known as RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks). Courtesy of our good friend Andrew Webb. You can click on the image to see a bigger view.


SRG is Travelling at the Speed of Light!

The installers are here and finishing up the fiber optic cabling between floors. This is SRG's first use of fiber optic cabling. Fiber can trasmit data at about 1000 times the speed of copper (much faster than our network hardware is capable of) cabling and over a much greater distance. This will give use plenty of room to grow in the future.


Online Translation Tool

BabelFish is a tool I use to convert the SRG Info Tech in to one of several languages. As we do more and more work across border this could prove to be a handy little tool for everyone. Check it out.



It's Official - SRG Supports the iPhone

The waiting is over. I'm very pleased to announce that from a technical perspective, we are officially configured, tested, and ready to support Apple's incredible new communications device, the iPhone.

If you are interested in purchasing the iPhone, there are a few key drawbacks you should be aware of prior to making the leap.

1) Exchange integration is still in it's infancy and it is not fully supported. The iPhone does not use Microsoft's 'Direct Push' technology which means that only emails are synced over the air, and every 15 minutes not in real time. Also, contacts, calendar events, and tasks are all synced manually by physically connecting your iPhone to your computer and syncing via iTunes.

2) Document editing is not possible. You can open and view M$ Office documents, but they are not editable.

3) Keep in mind that the iPhone is only available through AT&T so if you are not an AT&T customer you'll have to make the switch to become an iPhone user.

There are lots of other pro/cons to the device, but at the end of the day it is all about the interface. Apple focused on making the features and functionality included in the device the best they could possibly be, rather than stuff lots of sub par functionality into it. In addition the swarm of third party development surrounding the device is incredible and has already led to several fantastic tools you can run on your iPhone.