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Windows Vista source code leaked

Me loves a good chuckle.



Turn your computer into a PVR on the cheap

 A new toy comes out next week that will allow your computer to receive free HDTV signals (if you have cable running to your pad) through a USB port. The device is sixty bucks ($100 for the high-end model), and includes all the software you need to schedule automatic recordings of your favorite shows!



iPhone Saves the Day

A few weeks ago I was skiing and I got the call that every person in my shoes doesn't want to get. "Matt, our website is down and I can't access any of our network resources remotely." This is nothing I haven't dealt with before. The only problem was that I was taking the Sierra Lift to the top of the Union Bowl at Copper Mountain. It was a powder day and I couldn't be kept from fresh lines in deep snow. I quickly pulled up several of our online assets on my iPhone. I was relieved to see they were all available. I was able to quickly discern that the person calling was having an isolated issue. They rebooted all of their network hardware and were able to access our network again. Thanks iPhone!




Google and Virgin are teaming up to build the first colony on Mars:

Explain why you want to live on Mars and you could win a coveted slot on the earliest, most uncomfortable and dangerously untested manned space flights to the new New World - or a fabulous prize!
Sounds fun. Earth is getting old anyway.


Great new Gmail addition!

Google today announced a great new feature: Custom Time.

Proving that Google indeed controls the universe, you can now send an email that appears to have been sent earlier. No more missed deadlines! Now, if you don't get something out on time, you can use Custom Time to make it appear like you sent your email as much as four years ago!

Gmail Custom Time



Free Photoshop

Is it an online image editor, an intergrated photo sharing social network (a la flickr), or is it both? You be the judge. Adobe just release Photoshop Express, a web based and extremely paired down version of the original. It has all the image editing essentials, as well as 2gb of storage for all of your work. Of course you can share your snaps in elegant gallery fashion to be viewed, commented on, and shared by your friends. Check it out.