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Recharge your Cell Phone

GotWind is making a product that will recharge your cell phone. All you have to do is dance. My good friend Disco Bret will be dancing at festivals across the nation this summer wearing the device, and will recharge your cell phone for a small fee. Read more.

See Disco Bret in action below while accepting his nomination for the Perpetual Motion Dancing Award on Jam Cruise 2008! I imagine it won't take him long to charge your phone. Disco Bret is iPhone compatible.



Free Tool for OSX Customization - TinkerTool

I found this tool this morning which allows you to do all kinds of simple customizations to your OSX interface. Check it out.



Cracking Open a Mac Classic

Have you ever wondered what's inside that Mac Classic that you got as a bar mitzphah gift, or used through your college years, and is now sitting in a garage attic, or closet somewhere? I do! This photo gallery cracks open a Mac Classic and takes a good look at it's guts. It's always cool to look back and see how far technology has come in such a short time. Check it out.