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Gmail Attachment Tips

One of the endless things I love about Google software are the regular updates that happen without reinstalling, patching, or otherwise modifying of anything. It's the beauty of SaaS. On the flip side of that I have had things break after Google updates a product. Most notably I had several filters in Google Analytics stop working without notice. But I digress. . .over the past year Google has had some nifty feature updates for email attachments in their gmail product. My favorites are drag and drop attachments (in a browser!), and the forgotten attachment reminder (we've all done it.). Check it out.


Gatorade's Social Media Command Center

Mashable, my favorite Social Media blog did a fascinating write-up on Gatorade's Social Media Command Center. As SRG considers their own form of innovation lab and command center, it's great to see what other teams are doing in a similar vein. Generally speaking I'm not a fan of technology for technology's sake, but I think this forces an organization's finger onto the social pulse of their brand, and if nothing else, looks pretty darn cool. Check it out.


Greatest or Worst Idea Ever? Nicolas Cage Netflix Queue

People are either going to think this is the greatest idea ever, or the worst. I may get made fun of for posting this, but I have no shame in admitting that I really like Nicolas Cage movies. No, please! Stop laughing at me! Oh what the heck, keep laughing at me...

Some freaks (or freakishly awesome people, you decide!) have created "add all Nicolas Cage movies to your Netflix queue." I don't have Netflix at the moment, but I am darn tempted to get it, just to try this out!

Are you a Nic Cage fan? Do you hate Nic Cage and want to watch his movies while making fun of them ala MST3K style? Come on, you have to fit in one of those categories!

If you do, you just may want to add every movie he has been in to your Netflix queue...



Location Aware Social Platforms - A Quick Primer

Here are a few reference points on Foursquare, the leading location aware social platform. There is tremendous momentum around this type of social platform. The links below will help you get familiar with what it's all about:

Foursquare explained in 118 seconds:

Foursquare testing 'Add to Foursquare' buttons:

Check-in to virtual locations (like

Foursquare banned in China: