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Can you spot the phish?

Unfortunately this is not in reference to my favorite retired rock band. Phishing attacks are getting more and more sophisticated these days. It is important that you can discern real emails from fraudulent ones. This game is a fun way to train your senses to spot the phish. Check it out!



Google takes on Facebook

There has been a lot of talk about Facebook as a development platform. Basically the entire Facebook experience is built around an open development platform. Some people speculate that this could one day be the platform of choice for all web based apps. It has been further speculated that Facebook apps could one day supplant the lock that M$ has on business software and even the almighty Windows OS. It seems like Google has been listening and doing some speculating of their own. As this story states it seems like Google will be breaking wide open their dynamic platform to further development by third parties, especially Facebook's competitors. I'm not sure what it all really means, but I sure find it interesting.


Mechanical Virus Spreading Amongst Mac Users

This is not a very common issue, but if you notice when you plug a DVI adapter into a mac and can't present via the projector, take a look at the DVI adapter and read this article.



If I could only wear my iPhone. . .

An Australian company just came out with the first watch phone. SMS Technology Australia is now selling the M500 - billed as the world's smallest mobile phone. It sports a wrist band so you can wear it like a watch for the ultimate in uber geek chic.