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Email Marketing Benchmarks

Since we like to measure the effectiveness of the work we do, metrics and benchmarks are critical to this process. Whenever we launch an email campaign, or build analytics reporting, people always ask "How does this measure against industry benchmarks?" or "Is a 3% open rate any good?" In my quest for knowledge, I came across This site is chock full of every imaginable compilation of industry benchmarks, and much to my pleasure a fairly recent report on email marketing. Check it out.


Who Wants to Do the Wave?

For the past few weeks it has been really lonely in Google Wave land. I gotta tell ya, Wave may be really cool, but it certainly was not designed to be used alone. I logged in today to find that I have 20 (17 as of this blog post) Google Wave invites. Want one? Let me know in the comments. Wave on!



10 Ways to Help You Spot Scam E-mails

Over at, they've posted a guide for 10 ways to help you spot an E-mail scam. Although we've talked about similar things in Outlook training class, like spam prevention, etc. you can never have too much spam training.'s guide is very handy and even includes pictures and examples.

I encourage everyone to take a look at the guide below to help increase your awareness of scams and your ability to spot them!

10 Ways to Spot an E-Mail Scam