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iPhone App Store Developer Bribery

While I love the iPhone and associated technologies like the iTunes App Store, I sometimes find flaws (gasp!). For instance, when the iTunes App Store first hit the street, you didn't have to download a given app to write a review for it. Next thing you know, you have punks trashing apps they've never even touched (pun intended). Luckily Apple fixed that and you now have to download an app before being able to review it. My other gripe is that when an app is updated with new features and bug fixes, the reviews should be wiped. This way people you don't have to hear about people griping about issues that have been fixed in the update.

Enough griping. Recently an iTune App Store developer decided to take it upon himself to bribe iPhone users purchasing his app. He offered a 2.00 incentive to leave a positive revies of the app. Someone, somewhere, somehow, caught on to the scam and the app was pulled from the store. Read more on the wired blog.


iPhone 2.2 update available now

For the 30 or so iPhone users in the company - the new iPhone software version 2.2 update is available.

Link below:


Law Suit for Long Bootups

Wow, I probably shouldn't be posting this story. Many larger corporations use login and logout times to clock their employees in and out. If that time against the clock is lost pay, that apparently has opened an avenue for legal action. Read more.



How to Make Money on the Internet - A Theoretical Approach

A friend forwarded me this this story to day that outlines a simple way to make money on the internet - connect. While the examples presented in blog posting may not have a direct application to what we are doing, the concept definitely does. Read more.



Your Long Lost Relative in Nigeria Needs Money

We've all seen the scam emails asking for money from long lost relatives in Nigeria. They promise to pay you back 20 million, so what do you have to lose? Right? A woman actually fell for it repeatedly and lost $400,000. Wow.



SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Unleashed

It's finally here, the moment we've all been waiting for. Tired of 50mb of photos taking 15 seconds to transfer to your computer from your digital camera? Wait no more! SuperSpeed USB 3.0 had been officially ratified by whoever ratifies USB standards. It should be hitting the shelves in 2009. My only question is, "What are they going to call the next generation of USB, 'Fastest USB Ever 4.0'?" Read more.