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The Corporate Social Strategist

As we develop our own social media discipline, we have given a lot of thought to roles and responsibilities, and where the sweet spot lies in the social media landscape for our organization. There are a lot of variables and moving parts, not to mention the constantly evolving technology landscape that drives social media evolution. As we look at roles, the postion of social strategist or community manager has intrigued us. Historically (as in the past 3 years or so) a cottage industry has arisen around businesses that can manage a brand's social presence. While this is all fine and good, it is certainly not an endpoint. What we are seeing now is a trend towards community management and brand voice in the social space moving to the client side of things, for a laundry list of reasons. Along with this the client side role of social strategy is being more clearly defined, albeit with a very concrete set of challenges. This report by a group of folks at Altimeter interviews over 140 social strategists to get their take on this ever-changing landscape. Check it out!