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RSS? Not another acronym

Real Simple Synication. Link below is a fun little video that explains what RSS is and how it is used. Think of it as a little free magazine that you choose to subscribe to and instead of visiting the news stand for this months issue it alerts you of the updates on a website when new updates are ready.


Digg Revolt - Web 2.0

Earlier this week someone posted the code to decrypt HD DVDs on The MPAA ordered a cease and desist letter to Digg and all the sites that linked to the decryption code from Digg. When Digg tried to ban all mention of the code,the Digg user community revolted and flooded the site with postings of the decryption code. In a moment of "if you can't beat em join em" Digg management gave up and the Founder of Digg posted the code to Digg in an open act rebellion and a move to join the revolt. Read more about it.


Micro$oft SilverLight

Micro$oft has release what is being touted as the Flash killer - SilverLight. It is a multimedia development platform for the web. I think this will have as much impact as the Zune, Micro$oft's iPod Killer. The zune is kind of a joke. Check out SilverLight!



The Web Development Clients' 10 Commandments....

A funny read about the joys of being a web developer....


How to wash your keyboard in a dishwasher!

Here is what to do if you spill coffee on your keyboard (not your laptop!!!):

* disconnect from computer
* dumped out the spilled beverage
* placed keyboard in dishwasher (normal cycle)
* DO NOT use soap!
* close the dishwasher and turn it on
* AVOID USING the heated dry cycle
* removed keyboard from dishwasher once the cycle is complete
* Leave the keyboard in a dry sunny spot for 3-5 days to completely dry


No More Pandora Outside of Our Borders

I'm a big fan of the Pandora Streaming Music Service. Due to digital rights management issues, Pandora will no longer be available to people outside the U.S. as of tonight. For those that are unfamiliar with the server Check It Out!



It's getting hot in here

The server room cooling system failed again last night. Here is the thermal progression that I watched on my phone as I rushed into the office:

Warning alert message. Reading is 75.2 F in SRG 1801 BOULDER at 05-02-2007 20:11:26

Critical alert message. Reading is 80.6 F in SRG 1801 BOULDER at 05-02-2007 20:27:38

Critical alert message. Reading is 86.9 F in SRG 1801 BOULDER at 05-02-2007 20:57:56

Critical alert message. Reading is 88.7 F in SRG 1801 BOULDER at 05-02-2007 21:28:13

I arrived just after 8:30 and opened the door and set up all the fans again. The AC repair guy arrived at 9. By 9:30 I had to shut down every piece of equipment in the server room. By 10:00 the cooling system was fixed again. I've been promised this will be resolved once and for all.


Blogs vs. Wikis

It sounds like an alien civil war. Now that I've finally answered the question of what a blog is, I decided to take a stab at wikis (no relation to wookies). I found a really great article that sums up the difference between blogs and wikis. Check it out!


Domain Names

Now that SRG Infotech is part of the family of domain names I thought would offer a VERY brief tutorial on domain names. is our TLD or Top Level Domain (aka (or or is known as a sub domains for the TLD

The www is generally not necessary in web addresses provided the web server is configured correctly. Interestingly, will point you to when you are outside of our network. Inside the network it does not work due to the fact that our local network is also called

That is a simplistic view of a very complex topic.



Everyone's Favorite Time of Month!

Your Silent Partner hours entry is due today. Don't forget to sign out when you are done entering your hours! Just click the 'sign out' link in the top right corner.

Don't forget, the links to Silent Partner, Webmail, SRG Connect, and other relevant links can be found in the useful links section of this blog.



Tech Support in the Dark Ages

This is the story of my life!