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21st Century Drive-In Movie Theater

A friend of mine has been the regional manager for a movie theater chain here in CO for the past 7 years. He has decided to pack up his bags and move back to Indiana with his wife and two kids. He and a partner are buying a drive-in movie theater just outside of Indianapolis. He stopped by last night to say goodbye and brought up an aerial photo of the theater on Mapquest. I thought it was cool enough to share here.


4.26.2007 Goes Global

Here is a map (known as a geo-overlay in Google Analytics). of the locations of every one who has visited our website in the last week. The yellow dots represent the global location of each visitor. It looks like we have every continent covered.



Meltdown in Boulder!

While it may still feel cold outside, things are heating up at SRG. Our server room cooling system has failed for the third time in 3 months. Interestingly all of our problems started when we contracted a vendor to perform routine maintenance on our cooling system. Coincidence? I think not. I've attached a picture of our stand-in cooling system.


Text Messaging vs Morse Code - The Showdown

Alan Webb forwarded me this video, which I then found on youtube, which I then embedded on my blog. It is an amusing look at a race between SMS Text Messaging (10 years old) and Morse Code (170 years old). Who do you think will win?



CS3 is here!

To all those in the Creative Department who have waited patiently to attain the latest and greatest from Adobe, your time has almost come. We have all the newest versions of Adobe's Creative Suite. . .Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and other odds and ends. Before we roll it out company wide we are doing some beta-testing. Peter Heppner and Jeff Russell are the brave souls who have volunteered to give it a shot. Like the previous switch from CS to CS2, InDesign is not backwards compatible. You will again be required to save CS3 ID files to .idx files for backwards compatibility with CS2. The biggest concern is performance. If the new apps kill the power of our fleet of G5's we will have to wait to roll out CS3. If all goes well we could start using CS3 within the next month or so.


Next Generation of SRG Telecommunications

A few times the in recent years we have given consideration to migrating our phone network to VoIP. The first time was when we moved into our offices at 1801 13th Street. We decided at the time we had to many other expenses with the move that the huge cost of a new phone system was not merited. We gave it further consideration when we upgraded our data/voice carrier to Level3. Again, the huge cost and lingering VoIP issues forced us to reconsider. At this point the plan is to ride out our existing contract with Level3 (3 years) at which point we will make a huge step forward with fixed/cellular convergence. This means that when you are in the office or at home or any place with a free wifi signal, you would use your cellular handset to make VoIP calls. Everywhere else it would function as a normal cell phone. Imagine the day when every SRGer would have their own cell phone. Pretty cool! I found an interesting article about cellular/VoIP convergence. Check it out!