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CS3 is here!

To all those in the Creative Department who have waited patiently to attain the latest and greatest from Adobe, your time has almost come. We have all the newest versions of Adobe's Creative Suite. . .Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and other odds and ends. Before we roll it out company wide we are doing some beta-testing. Peter Heppner and Jeff Russell are the brave souls who have volunteered to give it a shot. Like the previous switch from CS to CS2, InDesign is not backwards compatible. You will again be required to save CS3 ID files to .idx files for backwards compatibility with CS2. The biggest concern is performance. If the new apps kill the power of our fleet of G5's we will have to wait to roll out CS3. If all goes well we could start using CS3 within the next month or so.



Michael said...

Sweet!! I have yet to read up on CS3 to see what new goodies this new release has.

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