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Next Generation of SRG Telecommunications

A few times the in recent years we have given consideration to migrating our phone network to VoIP. The first time was when we moved into our offices at 1801 13th Street. We decided at the time we had to many other expenses with the move that the huge cost of a new phone system was not merited. We gave it further consideration when we upgraded our data/voice carrier to Level3. Again, the huge cost and lingering VoIP issues forced us to reconsider. At this point the plan is to ride out our existing contract with Level3 (3 years) at which point we will make a huge step forward with fixed/cellular convergence. This means that when you are in the office or at home or any place with a free wifi signal, you would use your cellular handset to make VoIP calls. Everywhere else it would function as a normal cell phone. Imagine the day when every SRGer would have their own cell phone. Pretty cool! I found an interesting article about cellular/VoIP convergence. Check it out!