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Firefox 3: Tips/Tricks

PC Magazine has recently come out with a list of a few helpful tips and tricks to make your experience with Firefox just that much more enjoyable. Customize your Firefox window, change the default email client used by Firefox and several other options that are sure to make browsing the internet a little more user friendly. 

You can find them all here: Full article


UBS Turns Sour on Advertising, Even Online

I found this article on GigaOM this morning, written by Om himself. Nothing surprising in this story, but still extremely relevant to SRG. Making it more relevant is the fact that the author is commenting on the analysis of a UBS Internet Analyst. UBS is a former client of SRG. The one statement the caught my attention, but was not clearly justified was:

"We think that the continuing shift to online will be somewhat accelerated by the macro weakness."

What do you think? Read more.



10 Best Online Coloring Tools

I crossed upon a post at downloadsquad that has come up with the top 10 best websites for coloring tool.

From the site:
"If you're tackling some graphic design project or maybe even your wall decor, getting color hints from ready made color templates from professional designers can be useful. Below are 10 of the better sites to help you out on your design challenge."

Each site has a little info piece on the tools available and what you can do with them.

Check them all out here.

Also, check out the comments at the bottom of the page. A couple of users have recommend other sites that they use/prefer.



Share Music Between iPods - MiShare

One of the big drawbacks of the iPod is it's inability to share music between iPods easily. MiShare is the answer we've been waiting for. Just connect an iPod to each end of the MiShare, choose which type of media (audio, video, photo), and press the button. The last song or video played will transfer, or the folder you defined. You can also have it transfer an entire playlist. MiShare works with any 30-pin dock connector iPod (sorry iPod Shuffle), formatted for either Mac or Windows, and can transfer between cross platform iPods.


Google's Got Your Back!

How many of you have been up late at night either too tired to think straight or perhaps just under the influence and you decide to send that e-mail. You know... that e-mail. Maybe it's to that special someone in your life, or worse its to that special someone and you send it to your entire address book. Whoops!

Well fear not! Google's got your back!

Introducing Mail Goggles! Click send and a window will come up asking you an answer a few simple math questions. If you get the correct answers in the allotted time, you can confirm that you are sure you want to send that e-mail or realize you really are in no state of mind to be sending e-mails and cancel.

You can activate Mail Goggles under Settings in your Gmail account and then click the Labs tab. You will find it in the list of addons. By default it only activates during the night 10pm-4am-ish, but you can set it to your own hours.

Gotta love Google's sense of humor, though maybe this will actually come in handy for some! =)

Now if only they could invent something like this on cellphones to prevent those often hilarious-at-the-time txt messages...



Insurance Breaks for Playing Games

Allstate has set up a trial program for ages 50-75, where the person plays a special car-driving game aimed at improving visual awareness. The drivers control and awareness will be scored and compared to a group that won't play any game. If the game-playing group does well, we could see insurance breaks for older drivers and the program could potentially spread all across the US. If you are not into playing games right now, its never too late to start! If/when EMT sets up another Game Night, you will have to come to brush up on those skillz!

Now if only this article game out when I was like 6! I would have been more able to argue with my mom to let me play for one more hour...

Check out the full article here.