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Google's Got Your Back!

How many of you have been up late at night either too tired to think straight or perhaps just under the influence and you decide to send that e-mail. You know... that e-mail. Maybe it's to that special someone in your life, or worse its to that special someone and you send it to your entire address book. Whoops!

Well fear not! Google's got your back!

Introducing Mail Goggles! Click send and a window will come up asking you an answer a few simple math questions. If you get the correct answers in the allotted time, you can confirm that you are sure you want to send that e-mail or realize you really are in no state of mind to be sending e-mails and cancel.

You can activate Mail Goggles under Settings in your Gmail account and then click the Labs tab. You will find it in the list of addons. By default it only activates during the night 10pm-4am-ish, but you can set it to your own hours.

Gotta love Google's sense of humor, though maybe this will actually come in handy for some! =)

Now if only they could invent something like this on cellphones to prevent those often hilarious-at-the-time txt messages...