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Office 2007 Compatibility Pack & Office 2007 Preview

Microsoft's latest version of the Office Suite, Office 2007, has been out for a few months now. As mentioned previously we are seeing a select few clients, vendors, and contractors using the new tool set. There are some compatibility issues, but Microsoft has been kind enough to release a compatibility pack. This will be especially helpful for any of our heavy PowerPoint users. Download the compatibility pack here.

You can also preview all the new functionality of the Office 2007 here.



A Little Apple Hype Humor. . .



The Future of the Internet, Media Consolidation, and the Blurring of Lines Between Real and Virtual



Google + Money = Hybrid Cars?

Interesting story over at USA Today about Google (yes, that Google) who has pledged a total of $11 million to help jump-start the plug-in hybrid car market. While $11 million probably won't change the world, it's always nice to see such an influential company wanting to be good stewards of our Earth.


Office 2007 Interoperability

A small number of our clients have started using the new Office 2007 suite. Overall the new version is very inter operable with previous versions. I found a great article on Microsoft's website that outlines how to make sure Office 2007 plays nicely with previous its predecessors. Read more.



Yesterday marked the beginning of a new era in my cross-platform world. My new MacBook Pro is setup and configured to run both the Mac and Windows OS's. With my dual monitor setup the slickness factor is over the top. One screen is my Vista screen the other my Tiger screen. I'm running Outlook 2007 along with a few other apps. The whole setup is possible because of the intel based mac and Parallels desktop software. So far the marriage has been pretty successful and I have been able to execute most functionality flawlessly. The only thing I've had problems with so far is pushing out a remote installation of anti-virus software (eTrust A/V) to the my virtual Vista machine. Other than that I can print, browse the network, read email, and I'm even using Outlook 2007's integrated RSS feed reader (however, I'm quickly realizing I like Newsfox much better)