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Maybe I Can Work @ Google Too!

Among my favorite blogs are several of Google's blogs. They have a wealth of cutting edge information on topics ranging from flu outbreaks to development standards focused on geolocation. I came across the video below and it really struck a chord. I immediately thought "Maybe I can work at Google too!"


Important Notice for Qwest DSL Users

We've gotten a lot of support calls from Qwest DSL users all having the same problem. They can establish a VPN connection to our network, but they can't browse the network. There is a workaround for this, but who needs a workaround when you can just fix the problem?

If you are a Qwest DSL user, please call Qwest and ask that they 'disable DNS redirect'. Once this has been completed, just power cycle your DSL modem (turn it off then back on again) and you should be all set.

Qwest DSL support can be reached at 1-877-348-9005.



Fight Global Warming with White Paint

Professor Steven Chu, Obama's Energy Secretary, has a genius plan with some staggering results. If we painted roofs white and used white cement instead of black, it would be the equivalent of taking then entire world's vehicles off the roads for 11 years.

HOLY COW! --- that's what I said when I read that.

The article mentions that 80% of the sun's radiation would be bounced back into space with the (pale) white surfaces, not to much that people wouldn't need to run the A/C as much in the summer because their house wouldn't be absorbing as much heat. Who would have thought something as simple as white paint could help so much?

You can read the whole article here, as well as check out a brief video on the topic.



Want To Learn More About Your Mac?

Do you have a list of burning questions about your Mac? Do you lose sleep over those questions? That sucks! Don't let it happen. The Twenty-Ninth Street Apple Store has weekly classes about all things mac. For instance, this Sunday, May 31st, they are offering a Leopard (the operating system not the animal) workshop. I highly recommend you check it out.