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Video Games Teaching Kids Not to Text While Driving

Twenty schools in Eagle County (Colorado) are participating in a program to help teach kids the dangers of distracted driving (like texting while driving). One of the simulations is to have the kids drive in Mario Kart for the Wii while trying to text. Did the simulation work though? One of the kids said this, "I ran into a lot of things and it was very stressful" - "I don't think I will text."

Ah, another life saved. Hopefully the kids will remember simulations like this one forever, since it involves things (such as games like Mario Kart & the Wii) that are more relevant to their generation, instead of just the old textbook style learning.

Check out the full story here.



iPhone App - Email 'n Walk

There is a really neat iPhone app out called E-mail 'n Walk that lets you type out e-mails on the background of a view of your camera. It can't take pictures or save anything you see in the background. It's merely meant to allow you to see whats in front of you while e-mailing. With this, you could potentially avoid running into something and embarrassing yourself.

This app could also be useful if you thought you had someone creepy watching you and you wanted to check to make sure. A little weird, but hey, it's kind of neat too!

I would not recommend using this while driving though ;)