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iPhone - Now With Ninja

So I updated my iPhone apps this weekend. Like any self-respecting nerd, I read the release notes for all of the software updates. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Google had added a new feature - Ninja. I'm not sure what the functionality of Ninja is, but Ninjas are pretty stealth and secretive, so we may never know. Either way, you can never have enough Ninja in your iPhone.


Google Measures the Effectiveness of Advertising

The reach and intimacy of Google's ability to collect and interpret data never ceases to amaze me. This video has incredible relevance to everyone at SRG. Fascinating!



Goats Get Goggle in Trouble with PETA

Being in downtown Boulder, us SRGers don't get to see a lot of grass around our building. Google employees on the other hand, have plenty of grass. Instead of using the old fasioned lawn-mower to trim the grass, they decided to get back to their roots and thought about what their ancestors would use...GOATS! It's perfect! Hire several hundred goats to eat up the grass. Grass gets mowed and goats get fed. Ahhh being green can be so rewarding.

Well, PETA is pretty pissed at Google about it, saying that the goats didn't get enough water and that the transportation wasn't comfortable enough for them.

It doesn't sound like a goat was harmed throughout the whole process, so I am going to go ahead and give Google props for feeding the furry little friends.

Next time, I propose Google uses fainting goats:


New Kindle DX

The new (Star Trek-esk) reader that your kids will be using sooner than you think...

Amazon recently announced an addition to its line of Kindles dubbed the Kindle DX. Several weeks ago Amazon released the new Kindle 2 which sports a 6" e-ink display, 
1/3 of an inch thick, 3G wireless access, and a slew of other features I'll leave up to you to discover. 

The new Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX differ only on the price tag, a larger hard drive and a larger 9.7" screen; making full page documents much easier to read! 

But that's not even the best part...

What makes this new device really interesting it that schools like Princeton, Arizona State, Case Western Reserve, Reed, and the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia have all agreed to distribute "hundreds" of Kindle DXs to students this coming fall. Soon enough college students wont have to worry about buying individual text books and lugging them around to class; all their books will be on one device. Publishing companies like Wiley Higher Education, tomes from Addison-Wesley, Longman & Prentice Hall and many more have partnerships with Amazon already setup and ready to go for digital textbooks.

Why couldn't CU Boulder be up with the times like the rest of these colleges!?
I wouldn't mind being on the test group for one of those babies!

Check out the new Kindle DX at the link below: