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Quite Possibly the Coolest Thing I've Ever Seen

I just discovered FluidTunes this morning. It's kind of like Minority Report meets iTunes. Using your Mac's built in iSight and a wave of your hand, you can control your iTunes playlist in a coverflow view fashion. Words don't do this justice, so check out the video below.

FluidTunes from Majic Jungle Software on Vimeo.



Txt Messaging - Now Assisting Doctors and Saving Lives

What does a doctor do when he is suppose to operate on someone but isn't sure how to perform the operation? He txt messages another doctor who he knows has performed the same operation, DUH!!

This article explains a situation when just that happened!

A boy had 2-3 days to live and Dr. David Nott was able to save his life after successfully performing an operation he had never done before with just step by step instructions via txt from a colleague.

Truly an amazing story! How many of you would be cool with undergoing surgery if you knew the doctor that was just about to operate on you was following step by step instructions via txt? Ha!



Live TV on your iPhone

As if you weren't spending enough time on your iPhone as it is, Skinkers' Livestation is launching a new application which enables you to view live streaming TV on your iPhone and iPod touch.

CEO Matteo Berlucchi will be online this Thursday, December 4th at 10am MDT in a Livestation chat room taking questions about their iPhone app. The app will initially only work over Wi-Fi.



101 uses for Twitter

Matt and the rest of us (except Rachael probably) are having a hard time figuring out exactly what antimatter is. That's understandable. But this post is about something far more bizarre, perplexing and just plain difficult to wrap your head around - let alone, explain to someone else:


If you use it, you'll likely find this story to be interesting.



Antimatter? Really?

This is heavy. In something that sounds more like the plot from Goldfinger than actual scientific application, scientists are creating antimatter by blasting gold with lasers. I still can't really grasp what antimatter is, other than the opposite of matter, but this article, and this article are a good start at explaining a difficult concept. Yes, I had to refer to CERN's Kid's Corner for an explanation I still didn't really grasp. The article is filled with unbelievable language that sounds a lot like fiction to me:

"A split second later the positrons and electrons annihilate each other on contact in a flash of pure energy, called a gamma ray."

Isn't that how The Incredible Hulk was created? The truth is definitely stranger than fiction.


Awesome SEO Tool

I came across ExactFactor today. It is a quick way to check your search rankings across the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, The best feature are regular email alerts you can setup to receive whenever there is a change in your search engine ranking. As we do more and more SEO for our clients, this could be a good way to keep them in the loop. I say could be because SEO is a mix of science and dark magic, and can be a difficult are to build client expectations around. Either way, ExactFactor is a great tool for internal use. Check it out and let me know what you think.