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Solar Panel Roadways

Popular science just published an article on a startup company that has a vision of replacing all of our current roadways with solar panels. The panels would carry electricity, and also be the route for TV, Internet and any other wires companies needed to run coast to coast. The company is still in the process of getting things started but the gov't just supplied them with $100,000 to test out their idea. If widely adopted it would replace our need for any other source of energy and allow electric vehicle to plug in anywhere they drove, because every road would supply power.

Link to the article: PopSci Article
Link to their homepage:



Snow Leopard - Don't Do It!

As most of you know, Apple released their latest OS, Snow Leopard, last Friday. I’m as excited as you are to get my hands on it and give a run for its money. Whatever you do, please don’t install Snow Leopard on your SRG computer. Apple is notorious for disregarding backwards compatibility, and Snow Leopard is no exception. Several articles have already been published outlining issues with a variety of software and hardware that worked just fine with Tiger and Leopard. When we build an SRG machine we have a lengthy checklist of steps we take to customize the configuration to your work needs. Simply put, a rogue OS upgrade will screw up our hard work, and create a major headache for you. The last person (who will remain nameless) who attempted a rogue OS upgrade paid dearly for it as they were forced to deal with the rotting fruits of their misguided labor. The IT Team was completely unsympathetic.

We are all about adopting new technologies, once they are proven to work in our environment. Patience pays.



Stop Common Web Annoyances

As great of a place as the world wide web (AKA The Internet) is, it is also rife with threats, scams, frauds, and a myriad of annoyances in general. This great article shows you how to use Firefox (my favorite web browser) to stop some of those annoyances dead in their tracks. Read more.


Another Great Way to Send Big Files -

We are always looking for easy ways to transmit large chunks of data across the internet. I was a big fan of Streamfile for a while, but that service proved to be a little buggy (I should probably give it another try). Today I came across (pronounced 'save as') which holds itself to the same promise as Streamfile, "file sharing made easy." I've yet to give it a try, but I encourage you to do so, and let us know what you think.