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Streaming Mobile Radio is Wunderful

I crossed upon a great app for the iPhone and Windows Mobile, soon BlackBerry and Andriod - it's called WunderRadio.

It's certainly not a new concept. Essentially it's radio stations streamed to your cellphone, but what I have found unique about this sweet app is it lets you use your GPS to find local stations wherever you are, instantly. I studied abroad in Scotland for 6 months back in college, so I have a warm fuzzy place for everything UK, so I quickly looked up some Scottish stations and was shocked to see over 100 different ones!

The site says over 36,000 stations and let me tell you, it's very true! Best of all, many of the stations are very high quality at 128+ bit rate for each (some I've seen as high as 320).

If you are like me and hate the 2-3 local stations on your car stereo, try plugging in your phone to your AUX jack and expand your horizons. There is a whole world of radio out there - literally.

Check it out here:

The WM version lets you try it for 15 days and then you can buy it for $15, not sure if it's the same for the iPhone.

Happy listening!