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Firefox Most Vulnerable Browser, Safari Second; World May End

Percent of Web Vulnerabilities

For quite a few years Firefox has been a much safer browser than any other, especially IE, but that is quickly changing. As of this year, IE is actually much less vulnerable than Firefox or Safari! Firefox has been listed as the browser with the most vulnerabilities, followed by Safari. The best browser was Opera.

I have never been fond of Opera on PC (Opera Mobile works awesome on my phone though!), so I guess it's time for me to take a look again at Opera...

Check out the full article, here.



HTML Email Standardization

Let's face it. Building web sites to work with multiple browsers sucks. Building HTML emails to work with multiple email clients sucks even worse. I found this site today that is working to standardize HTML rendering across all email clients. In the process they have evaluated a list of capabilities for each client from webmail services like Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, and Live to desktop clients like Outlook, Entourage, and Thunderbird. Check it out.


Google to Acquire AdMob

This is big. I've been eying and tinkering with an analytics service exclusively for mobile device tracking called AdMob for the past year or so. It provides granular detail on the mobile traffic for your site, including things like carrier, device, and OS. Beyond analytics, AdMob's core service is adserving to mobile devices. It's no secret that I'm also a huge fan of Google Analytics, despite what the people at Omniture (recently acquired by Adobe) would like us to think. Today it was announced that Google would be acquiring AdMob to roll in their mobile adserving capabilities, and hopefully their analytics capabilities as well. Read more here.