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Goodbye T-Mobile, hello AT&T @ Starbucks

This has been happening for a few months now. Starbucks will be phasing out T-Mobile hotspots at their locations and replacing the service with AT&T WiFi. Since DIA also no longer offers T-Mobile hotspots (outside of the United Red Carpet Club), I'm looking into getting our accounts moved to AT&T. More information to follow.


Happy birthday x86!

Intel's first 16-bit processor - the 8086 - was released 30 years ago today. The x86 instruction set that was at the core of that chip is the standard for most computers in use today. Computerworld provides cake and party hats.



How to get a 10% Click Through Rate - Mobile Gaming

Greystripe is a mobile gaming gaming ad placement service featuring a myriad of games for a myriad of mobile devices on their site Gamejump. While gaming you are inundated with ads placed before,within, and after the game. They are claiming at 10% CTR (click through rate) on their mobile gaming ad platform. That's pretty incredible! Read more.



Mobile Retailing

As this article points out (somewhat obviously), shopping via mobile devices is on the rise. Ebay is the most popular site on mobile devices. I've certainly had my share on bidding wars on guitars and stereo equipment, not to mention many impulse purchases on and Mobile store fronts should definitely be part of our interactive strategy! Check out what the experts think.