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MMS Support for iPhones Comes to AT&T in September

September is a big month for AT&T and iPhone users because AT&T will finally be allowing iPhone users to utilize that saucy new MMS feature on their phones. Below is an example of what your first MMS reaction may be like:

Let's hope AT&T beefed up their network enough to handle the millions pictures sent via MMS in September.



Before you Call Support

This should come as no surprise, but people ask me for tech support all day long. Coworker, friends, family, and even a few arch-enemies have asked me to assist them with vexing technical issues. My dog even asked me to help her sync her ipod last week. Luckily I don't mind, but if I did, I would just ask people to reference the chart below.


Rhapsody on the iPhone

Realnetworks announced yesterday that it would be submitting a Rhapsody iPhone app to the app store this week. As a long time Rhapsody subscriber, this has been a long time coming. However, I thought it would never happen, as it competed directly with one of the iPhone core services as a music player. Given Apple's stranglehold on app store releases, I'm very interested to see how this plays out.

Rhapsody on iPhone from Rhapsody on Vimeo.