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MIT builds a bacterial virus battery

MIT does it again!

MIT has recently released news about a new battery they developed built by bacteria.
I know this isn't tech news but if you read the article this battery is so efficient that the use of about 10 grams of the viral battery material could power an iPod for 40 hours! That's a lot of power!

It looks like we humans may just be the batteries of the future. Thank The Matrix for giving us a heads up a few years early!

Check it out


Surfing the Net Boosts Productivity

This article talks about a study done at University of Melbourne. The study found that if someone surfs the net 20% of their day or less that they will in fact be more productive than those that don't surf the net during their day.

They say surfing the net is like a mini break for the mind. Watching a Youtube Video for example, gives your mind a rest from work, then once it's over you get back to work and your mind is more ready to go!

Now I know everyone where at SRG works away without ever surfing the internet, but try to remember to take a mental break at the appropriate time so that you can stay nice and productive!

I would like to help make you more productive by introducing you to a band called MGMT. The music video is a little odd for some, but the music is awesome! :)



Cool Uses for Twitter

For several months now I've been trying to sink my teeth into the whole Twitter thing. I must say I'm still trying, but I'm learning a lot in the process.

Some of the best things about Twitter are not the app itself, but the way the data (in the form of Tweets), is being captured and interpreted via third party apps. Take a look at Twistori and Twistori Desktop to see what I'm talking about.

Tweets and retweets are also being used to create the viral spread of a message. Earlier today I got this email from a New Orleans brass band:

"Bonerama gig on Pearl at Commerce, Dallas, TX 4/2/09. Follow @Bonerama and RT this msg by 6pm CT 4/1 to enter to win 2 tix for this show!"

Novel concept, but my suspicion is that that kind of Tweet will get old fast.


Conficker - Please Read

This is a great post on what to do about the Conficker Virus.


Happy Birthday Mozilla

Mozilla, everyone's favorite open source software movement is turning 10 years old today. It's been a long road since it inception as part of Netscape, and has now been downloaded over 865,000,000 times. To celebrate the occasion, some ubernerds made a birthday cake.