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Are Facebook Pages the New Microsite?

Are microsites dead? With the proliferation of Facebook pages and the extension of Facebook to the public internet via the Open Graph API one would think so. I went to see the premier of Iron Man 2 the other night. Every single summer blockbuster that appeared in the previews had it's own Facebook page. Just a few years ago every movie promo had it's own microsite. Even Apple is getting in on the action.



McDonald's Goes Local - on Facebook

As Facebook gets into the location awareness game along with Foursquare and Gowalla, McDonald's is the first in line to test the new feature. You will soon be able to skip the other location aware apps and check-in to your favorite McDonald's right through Facebook. Trying out the 'Local' tab on McDonald's Facebook page, you'll see that the functionality has not been rolled out yet, but they are actively promoting it's arrival. Read more in AdAge.



IE Loses Market Share - All Other Browers Gain Share

It's a great day for browsers. IE continues it's downward trend, Chrome experiences a 10% growth, and Firefox increases speed and popularity. Check it out.

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Our Latest Launch -

This week we launched our latest site for The Children's Hospital of Denver. encourages every one to take a personal stand against Shaken Baby Syndrome. Check it out.



May the Fourth Be With You

If anyone didn't know, May 4th is Star Wars day... May the Fourth be with you all! Haha