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Goodbye Canon, Hello HP!

Today we say goodbye to our old friends, the Canon printers. Despite the frustrations they caused to many of us, the served a long and useful life at SRG. Collectively those 3 printers printed almost 3,000,000 copies. I'd break down after a while as well. Be well as we send you off to the twilight of your printing years. The Canons will be going to a sunny locale in retiree friendly South Florida.



The Keyboard of Shame

With the recent outbreak of keyboard spillings, something had to be done. As a result, we have introduced the keyboard of shame. If you spill water on your keyboard, you have to use the keyboard of shame. They keyboard of shame is water/coffee/thanksgiving dinner/warren proof, and says to the world "I'm using the keyboard of shame."

Warren Ng, you are the first not-so-proud recipient of the keyboard of shame.


Sony's Thoughts On the MacBook Air: They did it First/Better

During the Keynote, Jobs compared the Macbook Air to Sony's TZ ultraportable, implying it had a small keyboard and screen, was too thick, and was not that good. Here's what Sony thinks of the Apple MacBook Air:
Read Here.



Email Spoofing

There have been a rash of particularly irritating viagra related email making it past our spam filters over the past month or so. The most irritating part is that they are spoofing email addresses, meaning putting someone else's email address in the from field even though it did not come from that person. Like spam itself, there is no way to prevent spammers from spoofing. The best thing you can do is educate yourself and know how to spot a fake. This article should be a good place to start. Read more.