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Low Morale?

Long day at the office? Need a good laugh? Take a look at the Low Morale site. A site of short animations of the struggles in the office of one man.


Interview w/ Jobs and Gates

Andrew Webb forwarded me a great (albeit highly edited) video of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in a recent interview together. They talk about their respective impact on the technology and the world of computing while you get a deeper insight into the history of their relationship. In my mind Bill is an innovator on the way out and Steve Jobs an innovator riding the crest of a second wave in his monumental career. Ok, I'm biased.



The Future of the Computing Interface

Holy cow this is cool. A small slice of this technology will be included with the upcoming iPhone, but this takes it to a whole new level. This was submitted by Kezza from the Land of Oz.


Concerts seek Second Life with 3-pronged approach

This is really cool article about emulating the concert experience in 'Second Life' while it happens simultaneously in real life. Read more.



Global Focus Groups

I found an interesting article on a gentleman who leads a team of researchers following global cell phone usage trends. They look at everything related to cell phone use. How, why, when, where, and what people use them for. It really gives you a sense of how pervasive cell phone use has become. Read more.